Getting a Tax Refund This Year? Invest in Your Home

Getting a Tax Refund This Year? Invest in Your Home

Well, today officially marks the end of tax season. Accountants are rejoicing that they’ve survived another year of chaos, and hopefully, you are eagerly awaiting a tax refund. If you’re one of those early birds who filed their taxes the second they received their tax forms, you may have a refund check that’s burning a hole in your pocket. Regardless, you are probably asking yourself, “What should I spend it on this year?” 

Ever thought about investing it in your home?

Well, here’s the good news. If you haven’t, we’ve compiled a list of home improvements at different price points for you. 

Continue reading below to see how you can utilize your tax refund to increase the value of your home.

Around $100 :

Replace the Cabinet Hardware:

Here’s a penny-pinching hack if you want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, but you just don’t have the funds for a full-on remodel. Switching out outdated knobs for modern handles is low-cost and fairly easy to do yourself. Though it is simple, this trick gives a room a whole new look.  

Upgrade Your Showerhead: 

Is your old showerhead lacking the pressure it once had? If so, there’s a possibility it’s caked with mineral build-up that can be hard to remove. This is a perfect time to upgrade to the showerhead of your dreams. Newer showerheads provide plenty of water pressure while using less water. Trust us, and you will be singing in the shower again.

Tune-up Your HVAC:

We could go on and on about how important this one is, but we’ll keep it short. Regular system maintenance can add years to the lifetime of your HVAC while keeping it running at tip-top efficiency. 

Enrolling your home in a seasonal maintenance plan is a smart investment to ensure your home is properly maintained and running safe and efficiently all year long.

Up to $500:

Add a Kitchen Backsplash: 

A full kitchen remodel can be very costly and time-consuming. However, the addition of a backsplash to your kitchen can really spruce things up without costing you thousands. Lucky for you, there are a multitude of options from basic stick-on vinyl to elaborate, colorful tiles. No matter what you choose, a backsplash will be sure to bring new life into your cooking space. 

Install a Smart Thermostat: 

Advancements in technology over the years have influenced home appliances, and thermostats are no exception. Smart thermostats allow homeowners to better customize the heating and cooling of their home to fit their specific needs while they are at home and away. Upgrading your thermostat will not only bring value to your home, but it will save you money in the long run.      

Insulate Your Attic:

Proper insulation in your attic will lower energy expenses year round by keeping outdoor temperatures outside your home while locking in your indoor temperature. Plus, attic insulation permits moisture and pests from entering your home. 

Around $1,000:

Tile Your Bathroom Floor:

Not only is it a room with daily foot traffic, but bathrooms are one of the most important rooms buyers look at when selling your home. Upgrading that old, worn-out vinyl to some fresh tile will not only revive the look of your bathroom, but will add a surprising amount of value to your home.    

Replace Inefficient Appliances:

It may seem painful to think about replacing household appliances. So, think of this instead: Saving money month after month. Old appliances lack energy efficiency, are less friendly to the environment, and end up costing homeowners more in utilities. Now, we’re not telling you to splurge and replace all your appliances at once.  Start by eliminating your biggest energy-suckers first.  

Upgrade Your toilets:

Still have a toilet that’s decades old? You may be due for an upgrade. Modern toilets aren’t just more aesthetically pleasing than the colorful fixtures that used to be all the rage, but any toilet installed before the 1990s uses far more water than newer models. Toilets now are designed to be just as powerful but use a third less water with each flush

Up to $3,000: 

Install a Water Quality System:

Is your tap water cloudy? Does it smell bad? Are your showers making your hair and skin dry? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time to think about installing a water filtration system or upgrading your old water softener. We find it’s very common that homeowners don’t think twice about their home’s water quality, but water is a very significant part of your family’s every day routine, and it is important that you are getting the best of the best. 

Update Your Kitchen Countertops: 

Not only do granite, quartz, and other solid surface countertops enhance the look of your kitchen, but they are also what almost all buyers want. A countertop upgrade is a smart investment that instantly adds major value to your home even if you’re not planning to put it on the market any time soon. 

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality:

Most homeowners overlook about this one. Poor indoor air quality in your home can be very dangerous. Recent studies have proven that indoor air pollution can lead to drowsiness, discomfort and even serious illnesses. So, how can you breathe cleaner air? Having an indoor air quality system installed is a surefire way you and your family will be surrounded with air that is clean, fresh, and pure. 

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