5 Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running at Upmost Efficiency

Garbage disposals are great for discarding week-old leftovers and cooking scraps, but when used improperly they can create a major plumbing headache. 

Below, you’ll find five tips that will help keep your garbage disposal running efficiently and save you from unnecessary repairs.  

Use Cold Water

While hot water won’t damage your garbage disposal’s parts, it is best to always run cold water when using your disposal. Hot water will liquify any grease or oil that may have managed to make its way down the drain. This can potentially lead to blockage in your pipes when it re-solidifies.  

Prevent clogs by continuing to run cold water through your garbage disposal after it has finished grinding up scraps. This will make sure all food has been entirely flushed out the drain pipe.

Cut Waste Into Smaller Pieces

Take it easy on your garbage disposal by chopping large scraps of food into smaller pieces. Be sure to only feed it a few at a time to avoid overworking or jamming the disposal.

Keep Your Disposal Fresh and Clean

Avoid foul smells by regularly pouring a small amount of dish soap down your drain with cold water after use.

If you notice that your garbage disposal is beginning to stink, you can toss in and grind up a peel from a lemon, lime, or an orange to freshen it up.

Know What Not to Put Down Your Disposal

Some foods are just no good for your garbage disposal. Make sure you keep them in mind to prevent creating any issues for your disposal when it comes to time to clean out your refrigerator. 

Foods to avoid dumping down your garbage disposal include: fibrous vegetables, potato peels, grease and oil, coffee grounds, egg shells, bones, pasta and rice, and fruit pits.

Don’t Put Your Hands Down Your Disposal

At all costs, avoid reaching into your garbage disposal with your hands.  If you think there is something wedged down in your disposal, try using pliers to remove it. Otherwise, the rapid release of tension could trigger the blades into action and potentially cause injury. 

If you cannot remove the obstruction yourself, with pliers, you may need to call in your local plumbing professional to repair your garbage disposal.   

If you follow the tips above, you can keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape and avoid unnecessary repairs.  However, if something goes awry with your disposal, be sure to contact a plumbing professional immediately.  

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