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Many homeowners unfortunately will, at some point, need to deal with tree root blockages in their sewer pipes. Tree roots naturally seek out moisture, and sewage/wastewater pipes often become damaged or clogged as a result of tree root infiltration. Tree roots can enter a pipe through the pipe joint or a break in the pipe (especially common in older homes with clay pipes).

Tree roots can be removed with high-pressured water jets (jetter) or with cable blades (snake). It is important to note that once this issue crops up, it will likely require ongoing maintenance because the roots will always grow back. However, with proper maintenance from a licensed plumber, you can save the cost of a full sewer line replacement.

If you are experiencing a messy backup from your sewer line or want to prevent any future clogs, call the plumbing experts at The Spengler Company to find out how we can make your day better! We’re proud to serve the Metro-East area including O’Fallon, Belleville, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Alton, Shiloh, St. Clair County, and surrounding Illinois communities.

Why Choose Spengler?

  • Trusted, licensed plumbers. With over 45 years of experience, Spengler Co is A+ BBB rated and voted #1 in metro east Illinois.
  • Financing Options. We provide flexible financing options to approved applicants to help fit the cost of any plumbing project into your budget.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Spengler Company customer service difference comes backed with our satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services Include:

    • CLEAN Your Pipes
      We will use high pressured water jets to completely clear your pipes of any tree root infiltration or debris blockage. This is our #1 preferred method of tree root removal because the jetter completely clears even the most difficult root masses from sewer pipes. Additionally, we can put a camera down the line to fully inspect your sewer pipes to ensure that all debris and blockages have been cleared to provide you with peace of mind.
    • CLEAR Your Pipes
      An electric cable snake equipped with blades can remove smaller root blockages from your sewer pipes. This method is more of a temporary solution, as this often opens up a passage for the wastewater through the root mass, but will not completely clear the roots from your pipes. This will get wastewater flowing away from your home to the main sewer line again, but will likely require additional maintenance as the roots continue to grow and re-clog the opening from the cable snake. If you are considering replacing your sewer line in the near future, the cable snake could be a good option in the meantime.

    If during the pipe inspection process we discover that your sewer line is compromised in any way (misaligned pipe joint, dip in pipe, collapsed pipe, etc.) we will inform you and provide a variety of options to help remedy the situation.

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Customer Reviews

I have dealt with Jeremy for my AC and now Stephen for my sewer issue and they are wonderful. I called this company because they have 24/7 service and i was desperate and they came thru very timely and professional. I have to to get my sewer line replaced so i will give another review once that is done.

Tracey Y.
Tracey Y.Google Review

Fast service. Called at 1 am and appointment set for 10 am. Stephen explained the problem and options. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. Always a good experience.

Kay S.
Kay S.Google Review

GREAT SERVICE.....GREAT WORK!!!! I contacted Spengler Company to do some bathroom remodeling for me since they had done some water heater and a/c unit work for me in the past. Since I was impressed with the work done then, as well as their professionalism, I decided to contact them for this project as well.

Sara S.
Sara S.Google Review

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