5 Mistakes to Avoid When Winterizing Your Home

Winterized Home

The holiday season is right around the corner. You know what that means: yuletide cheer, gift giving, and holiday parties! It’d be a shame to deal with a winterization emergency during a seasonal shindig. Save money, conserve energy, and safeguard your get-togethers this winter season by avoiding THESE common winterization mistakes.

Covered Outdoor Unit
1. DON’T Cover Outdoor Units with Plastic
Wrapping your HVAC unit with plastic does more harm than good! This “winterization technique” is not only ineffective, but it also creates a potential fire hazard.

Furnace Test
2. DON’T Wait Until It’s Below Freezing to Test Your Furnace
The last thing your party needs is a visit from Jack Frost. Avoid emergency servicing, and make sure your furnace is pumping adequate hot air by testing it BEFORE the first frost!

Old Furnace
3. DON’T Rely on Dated Technology to Heat Your Home
An outdated furnace is not just an unreliable means of home heating. It’s dangerous AND costs more to run than an update HVAC unit. Make the switch before the seasons officially change to get the most out of your unit!

Find the Right Temperature
4. DON’T Lower Your Home’s Temps Below 55 Degrees
If your family vacations to warmer climates, don’t make the mistake of dropping your home’s thermostat TOO low! This increases the costs of heating your home upon your return, and also puts your pipes and plumbing work in danger of freezing.

Spengler Service Technician
5. DON’T Avoid Professionals for Fear of Costs
It can seem daunting to contact a pro, but the BEST way to winterize your home is to schedule a system check with a local heating, cooling, and plumbing business. Choose a trusted company with FREE service estimates to get the best idea of the route you should take – for the best value!

Don’t be intimidated by the looming winter months — protecting your home is protecting your investment. With FREE service and replacement estimates, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with the men of Spengler – Metro-East’s most trusted heating, cooling, and plumbing professionals since 1971.

My husband and I found Spengler after a not so great experience with an a/c company over the summer. We called Spengler due to great online reviews and they did not disappoint! They came out the same day our furnace broke and offered professional service and were friendly. My husband appreciated that they explained all the options and what was actually wrong with our furnace instead of just trying to charge us a lot of money. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Kayla A.
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Fast service. Called at 1 am and appointment set for 10 am. Stephen explained the problem and options. He was very knowledgeable and courteous. Always a good experience.

Kay S.
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GREAT SERVICE.....GREAT WORK!!!! I contacted Spengler Company to do some bathroom remodeling for me since they had done some water heater and a/c unit work for me in the past. Since I was impressed with the work done then, as well as their professionalism, I decided to contact them for this project as well.

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