3 Main Reasons Why Your Water Main Leaks

3 Main Reasons Why Your Water Main Leaks

Water main leaks can cause an abundance of problems for your home or business, not the least of them being damage caused by flooding and extremely high utility bills. Of course, there are several reasons why the water main may become damaged and start to leak, but here are the three most common reasons for it:

1. Old Pipes

Old pipes are one of the most common culprits when it comes to water main leaks. Depending on the material they are made from, pipes will serve their purpose for a time and without many problems, but eventually, as they get older, they will be more susceptible to leaking.

It is a good idea to call a professional and have them check the water main if it is old. That way, you can even prevent a water main leak, before it actually happens, saving yourself cash and stress in the process.

2. Minerals and Water Acidity

Another possible reason for a water main leak comes from their inside. For instance, water running through pipes carries different minerals that can corrode the pipes. In addition to minerals, the acidity of the water can also damage the water main.

While neither of these two will lead immediately to a water main leak, over time, both minerals in water and its acidity will cause damage to the water main.

3. Extremely Cold Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions, especially cold temperatures, are the number one reason for water main leaks. When the water inside the pipe freezes due to low temperature, it will expand and rupture the pipes.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the weather, but there are still a couple of things you can do to protect your pipes and prevent damage. For any remedies and solutions, be sure to call us for a consultation. IL (618) 206-0022

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