10 Things You Can Do to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Found yourself sneezing a lot recently becuase of an allergy? Well, you’re not alone! According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as 30% of adult Americans are affected by allergies. Medications can help relieve the symptoms, but removing the irritants from your home is a more effective way of relieving your allergies. Read our list below and discover 10 things you can do to allergy-proof your home.

Find out what you’re allergic to
It may sound simple, but finding out exactly what you’re allergic to is the first step to allergy-proofing your home. Visit an allergist and they will help you to focus your preventative measures.

Mattress cover to prevent dust build up
Start with your bedroom
After you’ve discovered what causes your allergies, you need to work your way around your home eliminating those allergens. Since you spend so much time in your bedroom, it’s best you start off there! Go for a mattress cover and pillow covers with zip-on dust mite covers, and you should have some immediate relief.

Hardwood floor prevents allergies
Ditch the carpet
Go for hardwood! If it’s feasible, replace your carpets with hardwood or other hard flooring. Allergens tend to accumulate in carpets, and when you walk across them, they get released into the air.

Two door mats eliminate allergens being brought into the home
Avoid tracking allergens in
Many allergens are brought into your home from the outside world. Lay two doormats at each entry – one inside and one outside – to keep outdoor irritants from entering your home.

Vacuum with HEPA filter
Get a better vacuum
Your current vacuum probably doesn’t have a HEPA filter, and you definitely need one! They are specially designed to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns – meaning they’ll capture most allergens.

Replacing Air filters
Replace your air filters
Dirty filters will keep pesky allergens trapped inside your home, that’s why we recommend cleaning or replacing the filters in your heating and cooling system every 3 months.

Clean your ducts!
Dirt, dust, and mold can accumulate inside your home’s air ducts, and blasts of air can push this into your home. Annual duct cleaning ensures that all of the contaminants are removed.

External air filter
Take the air outside
Is your ventilation system re-circulating indoor air or venting it into the attic? This could be a cause of your allergy pain! If possible, replace these with external exhaust fans – these direct harmful particles and humidity out of your house completely!

Humidity controls
Avoid humidity
High humidity results in mold growth and other problems. Make sure your home doesn’t have a humidity reading of over 60% in each room.

Home filtration system
Get a home filtration system
We’ve saved the best for last! Home filtration systems are that thing you can do to help with allergies. They capture airborne allergens, meaning that your air quality will significantly improve.

So there you go, there’s the 10 things you can do this spring to allergy-proof your home! If you’re looking for an effective solution for your home’s allergy problems, check out our air purification systems.

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