Furnace Problems, What Are the Most Common?

What Are the Leading Standard Furnace Problems?

We have listed out the ten most common furnace problems and advice on how to repair and fix inevitable problems.

When the chilly fall and winter climate arrives, hundreds of people contact The Spengler furnace repair specialists because of an issue with their heating system. By understanding what the common furnace problems are, you can take proactive steps to limit them.

The absence of maintenance: You neglect to schedule yearly furnace maintenance and inspections that may prevent unforeseen problems and failures. These regular inspections can help the heater or furnace run more efficiently and dependably.

Dirty filters: Dirty or obstructed air filters decrease airflow, causing a furnace to work harder to distribute air. In some cases, a dirty filter may cause permanent damage to your system.

Wear and tear: Natural wear and tear can produce inefficiency which leads to high bills.

Electric ignition or pilot control issues: A faulty ignition or pilot may make it challenging to heat a home or business space. Thermocouple issues, drafts or blockages in the appliance may occur in an unlit pilot light.

Problematic thermostat: A broken thermostat can lead to difficulties with the fan or comfort levels.

Furnace does not heat: A furnace that is not heating may have issues with the thermostat setting, power to the furnace, or the pilot light.

The furnace doesn’t heat adequately: A clogged filter could be to blame, a furnace may not generate enough heat if the filter is the incorrect size for the space in your home.

Frequent cycling attempts: Cycling amid the “On” and “Off” modes may mean a dirty filter, abnormal airflow or a faulty thermostat.

The blower constantly runs: Blower problems may register a problem with the limit switch, that a professional at the Spengler Company may need to repair for you.

The furnace is noisy or loud: Rumbling, squeaking, and noises aren’t normal. The noises may indicate a mechanical issue, airflow losses or an inoperable system.

Furnace Tips and Advice for Repairs

Replace the air filters: Dirty air filters lead to a number of furnace problems. Replace or clean the filter once a month, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A furnace repair professional at Spengler can explain to you how to replace your furnace.

Monitor the thermostat: If the thermostat seems as if your furnace doesn’t generate any heat, monitor the battery level in the thermostat. Simply replacing the battery for new batteries, may do the trick.

If the blower fan doesn’t switch off or the furnace cycles too often, check the thermostat. The fan setting should be on, Auto. In the On setting, the fan will work continuously.

If the heater doesn’t seem to generate sufficient heat, check the thermostat’s to make certain it’s on “Heat” mode. Then monitor the temperature to make certain it’s set to a temp that’s greater than the current temperature in that specific room.

At last resort, you may need to buy a new. Be sure when you purchase the new thermostat it matches your furnace as for capability and capacity, or you may face inevitable problems.

Examine the circuit breaker and power equipment: If the heater stops working or the thermostat is blank, verify if the circuit breaker tripped or you blew a fuse.

Minimize drafts: If a draft creates problems with the pilot light, you will want to close the windows or doors in the area.

Upkeep and Maintenance: Each year, at the conclusion of the summer or beginning of fall, call Spengler your furnace repair specialist to examine and maintain the heater. Our professionals will get the unit ready for the imminent cool weather and fix issues that could produce breakdowns or expensive replacements during busy winter periods.

Furnace replacement: If you want to replace your furnace, use Spengler’s furnace expertise to decide the right model and size for your home.

Ignition controller or pilot light issues: As problems may occur from jammed components or damaged electrical components, leave ignition problems to the experts at Spengler. Call 618.206.0022 to schedule your appointment today.

Mechanical problems: Unless you obtained training to fix furnaces, let professionals at Spengler Heating and Cooling handle problems associated with mechanical damage of your unit. Otherwise, you will void the warranty on the machine or inadvertently cause a bigger problem.

Natural gas or propane issues: If you suspect problems with the gas feed or valve from a malfunction with the gas system, call a Spengler professional for help.

Jobs to Leave to a Furnace Repair Specialist

If troubleshooting your appliance doesn’t determine your furnace issues, do not hesitate to call our trained Heating and Cooling professionals at The Spengler Company. Any heater, despite its age, may pose combustion or gas-related safety risks, so it’s a good idea to have a technician examine the unit and recommend the best course of action.

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