5 Reasons to Upgrade your HVAC Unit This Summer

“Ah, the delightful feeling of 110-degree sun rays beating down on my face.” – said no one, ever. Summer is in full swing, and our A/C units are crankin’! With this popsicle melting weather underway, it makes more sense than ever to consider upgrading your HVAC system. Read below to explore 5 top reasons why!

Lower Utility Bills
Everything seems more expensive these days, and utility bills are no exception. Upgrade your HVAC system and save up to 28% on your utility bills – adding up, on average, to over $300 in savings annually!

Healthier + More Comfortable Air
Upgraded HVAC units come with variable speed motors and quality filtration systems, creating an all-around healthier home. These updated motors are more effective with balancing air movement than their old-school counterparts, eliminating temperature inconsistencies from room to room.

Quieter Cooling
Avoid the rattles and shakes of an older traditional central air system or window unit with an HVAC upgrade. A new one will be a smooth operator – making naptime even sweeter.

Increased Property Value
A new system is a worthy investment. Why? A recent study performed by the National Association of Realtors concluded that an HVAC upgrade increases your property value by up to 12%! An updated system could be the deciding factor for buyers if you look to sell in the future!

Environmentally Friendly
We know how important it is to protect this planet we call home. That’s why the environmentally friendly nature of a new HVAC system made the list! Thanks to FDA regulations, all new models are held to an efficiency standard, reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

It’s the middle of summer – what are you waiting for to make the switch? Contact The Spengler Company, or check out our HVAC Installation Page to learn more about the benefits of a new system.

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