HVAC Savings

4 Ways to Save on Home Heating

Energy bills can drain your budget. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, an average American household spends around 56% of its energy just on heating and cooling.

So, how to minimize those bills, even during the winter months, without freezing?

Here are a few ways to do that.

You don’t even have to open your windows to lose precious energy (and money that goes with it). Heat just seems to seep out of them.

With just a little investment in double-pane thermal windows and installing them instead of single-pane, you can ensure a saving of up to 20% per year, according to EfficientWindows.org.

With a single turn of a dial or press of a button on the thermostat, we can control the temperature, at least inside, that is.

But does your thermostat truly help you save money?

In fact, when was the last time you adjusted it? Most people simply select the temperature that fits them the most and don’t bother to change it when they’re outside. That’s a big mistake.

Here’s a little trick. Adjust the thermostat down about 10-15 degrees while you’re at work or while you are nicely tucked in bed and you can save considerably this way.

Nothing saves more money on your energy bills than good insulation. Thanks to it, you suffer less heat transfer during the winter and also get proper ventilation. Without this second part, your home would be full of moisture and wouldn’t be a very enjoyable living environment.

This is a bit more expensive than some other ways to keep your energy bill down, but it’s worth every dime to make sure you don’t have any leaks in the attic or some other place.

Did you know that your average water heater is to blame for up to 25% of your energy bill every month? That’s no surprise since they are usually on 24/7.

Most water heaters are factory-set at 140 Fahrenheit, but according to the Department of Energy, 120 degrees is more than enough and it can save you up to 10% on your overall heating bill.

And here’s an even better way to save on energy – replace the water heating tank with an on-demand water heater. These are a solid, long-term investment for any household.

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